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News Articles and Releases

Here are the texts of various articles that have been released by Dr. Stevens.

7 May 2013    Pandora Radio To Include Dr. Stevens' Piano CD
Pandora Radio to include Romanza of the Heart Piano CD in its listening collection.
1 Feb 2013    We're Making Music in Nashville (Music at Welch College)
3 Jul 2007    Without Love, Without Royalties: A Story of Copyright Infringement
25 Jun 2007    INNOCENT: The Word That Gave Me Back My Life
18 Jun 2007    International Copyright Part II: from a "Dead Composer"
12 Jun 2007    Yes, Paris, God Has Given You a New Chance
5 Jun 2007    The Worst and Best Music We Ever Sang
9 Feb 2007    Copyright: An International Concern for Christians
30 Jan 2007    Music and Missions: An Instant Magnet
1 Dec 2006    On a Minor Note - ONE Magazine
22 Nov 2006    A Heartwarming Christmas Story
27 Oct 2006    The Hymn Book: Relic or Treasure?
23 Sep 2006    The Band-Aid Approach to Ministry - Ouch!!
16 Sep 2006    The Jesus Driven Life
10 Aug 2006    The Encouragement of the Arts
10 Aug 2006    The Christian Fine Arts Academy
13 Jul 2006    When the Music Stops
28 Jun 2006    Children, Music, and the Church
15 Jun 2006    Dr. James Michael Stevens: Without Love... We Have Nothing
26 Jan 2006    A Bittersweet Success for U.S. songwriter
1 Oct 2005    FWBBC Professor Publishes Christmas Dreamscapes

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